Breckenridge with the Boyz

written by greg on Tuesday, February 01 2011

Brad, Steve, and I all went to Breckenridge, CO for our somewhat annual ski trip.  We had great weather and mostly escaped unharmed, Brad bit it pretty hard on day 1, but the jury is still out if there was any real damage…

Day 1 was at Breckenridge and was nice and calm and for the most part not very crowded.  Day 2 was at Vail and was really crowded but still a lot of fun even after a rough night before.

As you can see, not that many peeps around. 

Here we are around 13k feet at the summit of Breckenridge.  Brad and Steve climbed another 100 feet and went down the face.

Hanging out at the bar after some good burritos.  Steve and I were amazed at the scene around 8pm at night…

We had a great time, looking forward to next year with Liam…

Always good to be back in San Diego!

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  • SteveD on on 2.01.2011 at 5:28 PM

    SteveD avatar

    Great time w/ you and Brad. Got to get us together again. Take care.

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