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Indiana Trip & Phish Shows

· One min read
Greg Roberts

We made the trip back to Indiana to visit family, and a catch a few Phish shows. Liam stayed cool in the heat in his baby pool at Grandma & Pa Roberts, while Mommy and Daddy melted in the lot at the show with Brad and the Dues (it was 95 degrees and humid)! We then headed North to the Lake House where Liam met his Great-Grandma & Pa Brown for the first time, and had lots of laughs with his crazy Uncles. It was a short trip but we all had fun :)

IMG_2067 IMG_2071

IMG_1535 [IMG_2076


IMG_2062 IMG_2083

IMG_2084 IMG_1919

IMG_1925 IMG_1942

IMG_1948 IMG_1957

Liam's new favorite thing to do is stand up under the dining room table, right in the middle where no one can reach him unless you get down there with him!