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Introducing: Liam Gregory Roberts

· 2 min read
Greg Roberts

Born: September 1, 2008 12:37 PM at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, CA Room 230 (We are in Room 209 now)

Weight: 7lbs 4 oz

Height: 20 inches


moments after delivery


Liam like sleep


In postpartum with Jess's friend Gabby and some bubbly to celebrate.


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Gabby & LA on 2008-09-02 20:16#

Congratulations Jess & Greg! He is just a bundle of cute..... so wish we could see him! Best wishes for a smooth homecoming transition... it will be great to have Grandma Gray there to help (and Grandpa, too, this weekend!). Liam will be exhausted from all the kisses!! Take care!-------------------- Jim and LA

Steve & Debbie on 2008-09-03 03:57#

Congratulations Jess & Greg! He is a beautiful baby! Take care, Steve & Debbie (Welcome to the world little Liam!)

Christy on 2008-09-03 12:32#

He is perfection! I am so happy for you both.

Grandma Roberts on 2008-09-04 13:29#

Welcome Home Liam! You are so cute!! I love the new pictures. We can't wait to hold and kiss you this weekend. See you soon! Love, Grandma

Aunt Patti, Jeff, Steve, Kira on 2008-09-06 15:29#

Greg & Jessica - Congrats... How fitting, labor day, good day for a birthday, he'll be oldest in his class (good for boys). Looks like a cutie. Hope you guys get some sleep this week. I know Tom & Marilyne have been waiting a long time for this. I still remember what a cutie Greg was as a baby/toddler. Take care, we're happy for you.
Love Patti, Jeff, Steve and Kira (Pears & Tebbe's)