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Liam's First Beach Day

· One min read
Greg Roberts

Although January is usually cold (low 60s) and rainy, this month has been incredibly warm so far and to take advantage of sunny weather we took the little one to chill on the beach, take in some surf, and generally lay down the vibe for all the ladies.


Can't complain about that view...

[IMG_1412 IMG_1417

IMG_1431 IMG_1426

Liam was being modest and decided not to show off his beach muscles yet, "it's too early" he says.  Notice that he still supports the Colts, even in the off-season.

IMG_1421 IMG_1437

IMG_1434 IMG_1428

First contact with the Pacific and our big sandbox.


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Mommy on 2009-01-18 16:23#

Mommy thinks Liam wanted to set his friend the lobster free, but when he got down to the water, he changed his mind :)