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Liam's First Christmas

· One min read
Greg Roberts

Well we had a busy trip back to Indiana for Liam's first Christmas, where the weather ranged from -13 and icy to 65 and sunny! Liam met tons of relatives, aunts, uncles, great-aunts, great-uncles, second and third cousins, and of course the grandparents! We all felt a little under the weather from all of our travels, but had a great time seeing family and friends.

Gray/Brown Christmas in Valparaiso#

IMG_1403 Icy Mess in Valpo!

IMG_1321 IMG_1437 IMG_1314

IMG_1520 IMG_1348 IMG_1516

IMG_1312 Jess and Liam by Tree IMG_1461

IMG_1318 IMG_1509 LiamBlackAndWhite

Roberts/Dycus Christmas - Greenwood#

Brad and Liam Meet Greg And Jess With 2 babies Liam on Famous Couch

Matt And Liam StephAndLiam