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Summer Trip to Indiana - Part 1

· One min read
Greg Roberts

We spent the first five days in Indiana at the Brown family lake house on Lake Michigan. We had gorgeous weather, and visited with Great Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles, and of course Grandma and Grandpa Gray. We had beautiful weather, and it didn’t get too hot until we headed to our next destination – Noblesville :)

At the lake with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Brown.

IMG_1475 IMG_1477

IMG_1480 IMG_1483

IMG_1486 IMG_1489

IMG_1490 IMG_1495

IMG_1503 IMG_1508


IMG_1526 IMG_1535

IMG_1538 IMG_1540


Eating cookies with both Great Grandmas :)


IMG_1555 IMG_1556

Visiting Second Cousin Noah in Fishers with Grandma
IMG_1562 IMG_1563