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Baby Shower - Indianapolis

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Greg Roberts

Jess had her baby shower with family and friends at Greg's Aunt Kathy's house in Noblesville. Uncle Dan and Uncle Jimmy both got to see their prego sister and were pretty fascinated with her growing belly! Baby Roberts got lots of great things. Only a few months left until he arrives!

IMG_0950 IMG_0994

IMG_0996 IMG_0997

IMG_1000 IMG_1001

IMG_1008 IMG_1011

IMG_1023 IMG_1020

IMG_1012 IMG_1013

IMG_1027 IMG_1033



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Great Aunt Kathy on 2008-07-01 16:37#

Great pictures of the shower. BUT...Kathy is spelled with a C. Can we correct it?

Great Aunt Kathy..again on 2008-07-06 04:06#

Thanks for the change. YOu guys are great. Hope all are feeling well and getting ready for the little guy. He is going to be such a handsome dude. Show us his SPOT when it gets finished. Think the blue and brown star motif is super cute. Bye, Kathy