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Summer Trip to Indiana - Part 2

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Greg Roberts

We headed south for the second half of our trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa Roberts. We saw 2 HOT nights of Phish at Deer Creek and had a great time with old friends. We spent a lot of time at the pool, and Grandma Roberts threw an awesome early birthday party for Liam, where he got to play with lots of second cousins, and open presents of course!

The Pool!

IMG_1582 IMG_1589

IMG_1592 IMG_1593

Phish Shows

IMG_1595 IMG_1598

IMG_1599 IMG_1602

Grandpa Roberts put the train set together, Liam couldn’t get enough!


IMG_1606 IMG_1607

IMG_1632 IMG_1642

Cuddly Cole and Brad!

IMG_1635 IMG_1637

IMG_1651 IMG_1653

IMG_1658 IMG_1662

Happy Birthday Liam! 2 Years Old!
IMG_1669 IMG_1672

IMG_1689 IMG_1702