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· One min read
Greg Roberts

Grandma and Grandpa Roberts are in town, so we got to go the big football game this past Sunday night. The Colts pulled off a big win! We were brave enough to wear our Colts jerseys among all the crazy Chargers fans, but it was worth it. We had great seats and we had a great time, but we did miss Liam while we were out. We caught a glimpse of John Madden before the game - he is quite a large man.

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· One min read
Greg Roberts

Jess's parents came out for Memorial weekend to see their pregnant daughter for the first time in person, and to celebrate Jess's birthday. Baby Roberts got some cute little outfits (Go Cubs) and also a little brown onesie that looks just like daddy's work shirt :) We went out for a nice brunch at the 94'th Aero Squadron restaurant so Jess's dad could check out the airplanes. It was a quick visit, but we all had a great time!

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