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Greg Roberts

Happy Anniversary to us! It鈥檚 been five years, and here is what we have to show for it. One curly headed little man, and another little man on the way! Jess is ready for baby to come anytime now, so we tried to get some last minute pictures with Liam. He fits nicely right underneath Mommy鈥檚 ginormous belly :)




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Greg Roberts

Second part in our Austin trip with Dan and Jimmy.聽 We tried to hit as many hot spots in Austin as possible.

IMG_0704 IMG_0698

IMG_0700 IMG_0707

Another night on the town at world famous Stubbs BBQ with Dan and Jimmy which we followed up with a trip to the Spider House, one of their favorite watering holes.

IMG_0714 IMG_0720


IMG_0724 IMG_0725

IMG_0726 IMG_0731

On our last day in Austin we went to a park in their neighborhood and let Liam play around.聽 Of course he met a girl and she fell for his charms.

IMG_0734 IMG_0736

IMG_0743 IMG_0745

IMG_0755 IMG_0758

IMG_0762 IMG_0763

IMG_0765 IMG_0767


Finally, our last couple nights we spent at a brand new resort, JW Marriot in San Antonio, that had a huge water park with lazy river that Liam loved.聽 Jess was there for a conference but the dudes got to just relax.聽 All and all it was fun, and I couldn鈥檛 get enough of those Texas skies.

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Greg Roberts

We鈥檙e on a long weekend trip to Austin and San Antonio, partly for Jess鈥檚 work and partly for fun to hang out in Austin with her brothers.聽 We flew out Friday morning, March 12th, and went for some good Tex-Mex at Trudy鈥檚 near University of Texas.聽 Saturday morning we took a stroll through downtown and went to the huge state capital building.聽 We then took a stroll around the river, which was extremely crowded which is because this weekend is the beginning of South By Southwest Music/Film festival which means tons of people, traffic, and good music.

IMG_0644 IMG_0647

IMG_0650 IMG_0657

IMG_0671 IMG_0674

IMG_0677 IMG_0678

IMG_0680 IMG_0683

IMG_0687 IMG_0688

IMG_0689 IMG_0693


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Greg Roberts

It was a very nice day today in San Diego, mid-70鈥檚, but we decided to make a trip up to Julian to do some light hiking and maybe catch a glimpse of snow.



Great panorama shot I put together overlooking Anza Borrego Desert in the distance.


Although most of the snow was gone, it was still a beautiful day and we had a great time walking around downtown Julian grabbing some lunch and of course a delicious apple pie.聽 Later we let Liam loose in the countryside and he tore it up.

We first stopped by Lake Cuyamaca, but there was no holding Liam back from the water so we had to jet.聽 He just wants to get right in and start swimming with the ducks.

IMG_0529 IMG_0532


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Greg Roberts

Little late on this post, but here are some pictures from our second leg of our Christmas tour.

IMG_0355 IMG_0358

Liam working the drive-thru, and the traditional xmas opening


IMG_0370 IMG_0372


These next ones are Liam and Cole at the Dues where we hung out with Steve, Candy, Mike, Monica, Brad and Natalie.

IMG_0383 IMG_0386


Matt鈥檚 dare during one of the many games played

IMG_0399 IMG_0401

Liam on tour with Jackson, our friend Christy鈥檚 son

IMG_0408 IMG_0411


Our last stop was to see Julia and Rick which meant Liam got to hang out with Aliya.聽 Liam loved all the Warren girls.

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Greg Roberts

Liam took part in his first Halloween trick or treating as well as his first costume party extravaganza at our friend Pete's house and surrounding neighborhood...

For a detailed look at his historic journey check out his route in spooktacular Point Loma.

View Liam's Halloween Route in a larger map

He was Nemo, from "Finding Nemo", and we were Dr. and Mrs. P. Sherman from 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. Or for the people who have no idea what I'm talking about, the scuba divers from Sydney that took Nemo away... If you haven't seen the movie then it will really make no sense to you.聽 So our costumes were really lame, but he looked great thanks to his outfit that my sister Stephanie bought for him, thanks Steph.聽 Besides being incredibly tired and somewhat blas茅 about the whole thing, he ended up really enjoying Pete's party and was a hit with the "ladies" (older girls dressed as princesses, you know who you are.).

IMG_2397 IMG_2396

IMG_2392 IMG_2391 copy

IMG_2390 IMG_2389

IMG_2386 IMG_2385

IMG_2382 IMG_2380

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Greg Roberts

We made the trip back to Indiana to visit family, and a catch a few Phish shows. Liam stayed cool in the heat in his baby pool at Grandma & Pa Roberts, while Mommy and Daddy melted in the lot at the show with Brad and the Dues (it was 95 degrees and humid)! We then headed North to the Lake House where Liam met his Great-Grandma & Pa Brown for the first time, and had lots of laughs with his crazy Uncles. It was a short trip but we all had fun :)

IMG_2067 IMG_2071

IMG_1535 [IMG_2076


IMG_2062 IMG_2083

IMG_2084 IMG_1919

IMG_1925 IMG_1942

IMG_1948 IMG_1957

Liam's new favorite thing to do is stand up under the dining room table, right in the middle where no one can reach him unless you get down there with him!


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Greg Roberts

Just a quick update on our busy bee Liam. He is standing and "cruising" along the couch, and crawling at amazing speeds. He's found a cheesier smile, and likes to make an angry face now too. We went hiking a few weekends ago in Encinitas, and then took a road trip up to Palomar Mountain and visited the big telescope there. Liam loves being attached to daddy :)

IMG_1994 IMG_2035

IMG_2000 IMG_2003

IMG_2044 IMG_2050

IMG_2052 IMG_2054

IMG_2041 IMG_2056

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Greg Roberts

Greg and Jess celebrated their 2-year wedding anniversary last week - can't believe it! Daddy has been feeding Liam a bottle every night and giving mommy a break. Jess's friend Erin came to visit this weekend and got to spend some time with Liam. We all went out to dinner for some good seafood and had a good time!

IMG_0978 IMG_0979

IMG_0980 IMG_0983

IMG_0984 IMG_0988

IMG_0996 IMG_0997

IMG_0998 IMG_0999

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Greg Roberts

Here is the latest pic of mommy-to-be, and a few shots of the baby's room. The doctor says everything is coming along normally. I think we're ready!?!?!? No turning back now for sure!

IMG_0732 IMG_0735

IMG_0737 IMG_0738

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Greg Roberts

Greg and Pete took on the the task of filling in the loft upstairs in the baby's room. Here are some of the pictures of the project, which left the house in chaos for almost a week. Turned out great! Now we just have to paint and decorate before little Roberts arrives!

IMG_0662 IMG_0663

IMG_0664 IMG_0665

IMG_0667 IMG_0668

IMG_0669 IMG_0670

IMG_0672 IMG_0673

IMG_0674 IMG_0675

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Greg Roberts

Jess's parents came out for Memorial weekend to see their pregnant daughter for the first time in person, and to celebrate Jess's birthday. Baby Roberts got some cute little outfits (Go Cubs) and also a little brown onesie that looks just like daddy's work shirt :) We went out for a nice brunch at the 94'th Aero Squadron restaurant so Jess's dad could check out the airplanes. It was a quick visit, but we all had a great time!

IMG_0931 IMG_0933

IMG_0932 IMG_0603

IMG_0934 IMG_0936

IMG_0937 IMG_0938


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Greg Roberts

Jess and I went to New Orleans last weekend for my sister's graduation from Tulane university.聽 It's the first time both of us have been there since Katrina and it was interesting to see how much things have progressed.聽 The graduation was in the Superdome and we stayed in the French Quarter just a few streets off of Bourbon.聽 The trip was fun, although preggers was on the sidelines and couldn't earn any beads :(

James Carville and his wife were the speakers at the graduation which was very interesting, but slowed down once they started to announce all of the names one by one for several hours.聽 We used the time to help us think of baby names, but it didn't help too much.聽 Here are some of our pictures, you can see them all on our flickr page.

New Orleans 2008 New Orleans 2008

New Orleans 2008 New Orleans 2008

New Orleans 2008 New Orleans 2008

New Orleans 2008 New Orleans 2008

New Orleans 2008 New Orleans 2008

New Orleans 2008 New Orleans 2008

New Orleans 2008

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Greg Roberts

Jess got her big ultrasound today and we finally know the gender!聽 Yes, the Roberts bloodline will live on :)聽 I'm sure you were all worried.聽 We had all of the checks done and it looks like he is going to be a healthy baby weighing in around 8.5lbs.



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Greg Roberts

Today we went to the Earth Day fair in Balboa Park downtown.聽 It was like a phish show without phish... I'm sure some of you will understand.聽 Anyway, lots of drum circles, solar panels, multi-colored trash cans, activists, and stinky hippies :)聽聽 Jess's friend Amy was in town for just the weekend and we decided to check the fair out before dropping her off at the airport.


Frozen juggler, with a nice 70's rock mullet


Jess and Amy


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Greg Roberts

Jess and I took a much needed night out last Wednesday (April 16th), and went to the sold out Eddie Vedder (pearl jam) show at Spreckles Theatre downtown.聽 The show was the last of a small tour that he did to help promote the "Into The Wild" dvd release, of which he did the whole soundtrack.聽 If he haven't seen the movie or listened to the soundtrack both are worth picking up.

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Greg Roberts

Well we broke a record this year with 3 preggers on the ski trip!!! My lack of pictures this year sucks, but I know Mr. Dluzyn has some. I'll work on getting those soon. Click on the images and you can see the full size on our flickr page.

This first map shows where most of these pics were taken.聽The second is where our place was.聽Click on each to see the pinpoint.

Map image

Map image

Sasquatch sasquatch

Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008 Vail 2008